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Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (P.S.H.C.E.)

PSCHE Long Term Plan

Enabling and Adapting the PSHCE Curriculum

At Annfield Plain Junior School, we aim to prepare pupils for their next stage of education and life. PSHCE is deeply embedded within the ethos of the school. Taught both separately and across the curriculum, our aim is to develop good individual personal, social and citizenship skills across the key stage. The ethos of the school, which is incorporated into PSHCE, is also shared with pupils through, “Bobby Brain’s Magic Habits for Learning and Life.”


Zones of regulation to encourage self-regulation, Relax Kids and mindfulness activities are also integral to the PSHCE curriculum. All pupils on entry in Year 3 take part in a twelve week “Seven Wonders of Wellness Programme”, which includes a programme to explore feels, friendships, relaxation and activities to support positive mental health and wellbeing through yoga and mindfullness, delivered by a trained practitioner. This is then re-visited each term in our PSHCE lessons.  Commando Joe’s character education programme is also incorporated into our PSHCE programme. The use of Jigsaw PSHE resources, draw & write and relax kids are also used for PSHCE.

Commando Jo character traits school poster

We are also a ‘Rights Respecting’ school and we strongly believe that with rights there are responsibilities, which is a key message used in all aspects of school life: classrooms, house teams, school council, assemblies, in the playground, community and global work.  Mrs Dorward works with rights-respecting ambassadors to promote the rights respecting values across the school.  School actively promotes equality and an understanding of the protected characteristics, whilst haveing a zero tolerance approach to discrimination or bullying of any type.  Annfield Plain's Big Promise supports with this.

Annfield Plain’s Big Promise

We actively encourage pupils to undertake responsibilities to ensure the smooth-running of their school. Some of these responsibilities are:

  • School Council (two annually elected representatives from each class).  School Council meets fortnightly to consider school matters which affect the pupils, play an important part in school improvement and promote the school’s vision. They also play a lead role in school staff appointments. They alternate weekly school council and class council.

  • Year 6 House Captains and Vice-Captains (annually elected girl and boy for each of the four house teams – Greencroft, Beamish, Harperley and Tanfield).

  • Trained librarians run the library lunchtimes.

  • Trained playground pals help children play and make friends, especially helpful for those finding it hard to make friends.

  • Buddies are allocated to new year 3 starters and other new starters throughout the year.

  • Year 4 are litter monitors and Year 3 support with a variety of jobs around the school.

  • Playground hut monitors ensure good use of our playtime creativity and curiosity huts.

  • Road safety officers promote road safety outside of school.

  • Eco group work with Mrs McGregor on a variety of projects in the local community and school e.g. litter picking, saving water and energy.

  • Rights respecting ambassadors promote Unicef’s rights for children, ensuring children understand that with rights come responsibilities.

All pupils, throughout the year, are actively involved in respecting rights work, as well as fundraising for local, national and international charities – both in classes and house teams. We are an accredited enhanced healthy schools which means ongoing daily decisions about how to spend free time, what to eat etc. are challenged positively. We also have regular visitors to enhance pupils’ understanding of how to stay fit and healthy through what they eat and exercise, as well as health and hygiene. (School nurse, FISCH family health and fitness project, cooking workshops, Red Cross, NSPCC speak out, stay safe work etc.)

As well as PSHCE, we deliver a life skills curriculum which incorporates many aspects of PSHCE. Termly life skills focus weeks are delivered with visits, visitors and whole school approaches: autumn is staying safe, spring is respect & diversity and summer is health & fitness. Visitors and visits are used to enhance the life skills weeks messages for both pupils and parents: pedestrian training, bikeability road safety training, police’s Junior Education programme (covers hate crime, looking after the environment, safety outside of school, e-safety), Year 5 mini-police, safer futures safety carousel, visits from the police for anti-social behaviour, fire brigade on fire safety, electrical safety, school nurse, red cross emergency first aid workshops.

Anti-bullying is a key part of the PSHCE curriculum and life skills staying safe week in the autumn term focuses on different current issues such as cyber-bullying, e-safety, safety outside of school. Assemblies are also used to deliver the key messages. Visitors in recent years such as Newcastle F.C. “Show Racism the Red Card”, Sunderland F.C. “Tackle-It” anti-bullying workshops and the NSPCC “Speak out, stay safe” workshops are used to enhance the messages delivered in PSHCE. Anti-bullying and the developing an understanding of what hate crime is, including work on LGBT, refugees etc. is an integral part of PSHCE, assemblies, life skills and cross-curricular work.

Further PSHCE support is also given to some children through the range of social and emotional interventions delivered throughout the year e.g. Rainbows Bereavement Counselling, Listening Matters (Connecting with Children), Social Skills Intervention, Talkabout, Getting Along, Relax Kids, Circle Time.  External agencies are also used to give specialist support e.g. school counsellor, early behaviour intervention support, CAMHS, family workers, school nurse.

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

All classes take part in a series of lessons concerning health education, sex and relationships education, following consultation with parents/carers in 2022. Sex and relationships education is a crucial part of preparing children for their lives now and in the future, as adults and parents. The teaching programme uses Jigsaw PSHE materials, whilst supporting children by delivering them with boys and girls separately and using the NSPCC’s “Stay Safe, Speak Out” materials. Inclusive to this is education around LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans-sexual) and challenging stereotypes. (See Annfield Plain’s Big Promise -below) Discrete lessons are not taught around LGBT but it may form part of discussions and assemblies around family relationships. All of the SRE is delivered to ensure children acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to accept their own and others sexuality in positive ways, showing mutual respect and responsibility, free from abuse.


The school’s SRE policy was formed through consultation with parents and is available from the office for inspection if you wish to view it. 


Parents have the right to withdraw their child from SRE education, or aspects of SRE, if they wish to do so and are requested to consult with the headteacher,  Mrs Burgess, before they withdraw their child. The nominated governor for PSHC are Mrs Reddock and Mrs Graham.

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