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Long Term Plan

Enabling and Adapting the MFL Curriculum

At Annfield Plain Junior School, we aim to prepare pupils for their next stage of education and life. We aim to begin the process of developing the skills and knowledge needed to be a linguist, whilst making learning in French engaging and enjoyable.

French is the modern foreign language taught at Annfield Plain Junior School, to ensure progression into secondary school.

We have been accredited with the Intermediate International Award.

The main aims for teaching French are:

  • to increase confidence e.g. listening and practising, using language independently;

  • to increase understanding e.g. of language, grammar, culture, languagelinks;

  • to increase complexity e.g. saying more, developing accuracy, asking questions.

To teach French we use a range of resources, including those provided by Durham LA, La Jolie Ronde schemes, Early Start French and Education City on-line site. Durham’s framework objectives, the core structures, key questions, grammar points and phonemes are at the heart of the long-term vision of primary languages.

During their time in school, pupils will meet most of the core and phonemes twice; this is so that the first time they may take it more passively and the second time they might use it more actively, in full sentences and ask questions. Pupils will be asked both to speak and write French.

Partnership projects with a variety of national and international schools have taken place in recent years, with schools in France, Mexico, London and Japan.


French Pupil Statements

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