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Long Term Plan

Enabling and Adapting the Music Curriculum

At Annfield Plain Junior School, we aim to prepare pupils for their next stage of education and life. We aim to develop the skills and knowledge needed to be a musician, whilst making learning in music engaging and enjoyable.

Music plays an important part in our school life and is carefully tailored to ensure that all pupils have a wide range of opportunities to develop their musicianship skills, with increasing confidence and control. School was in 2019 awarded the Music Mark, recognising the value it places on music within the school curriculum.

Through a variety of musical experiences pupils will develop an understanding of musical composition, musical notation, organising and manipulating musical ideas, as well as developing  their aural memory (remembering what they hear).

Music across the key stage consists of listening and apprasing a range of musical styles and:

  • Year 3 – Developing aural memory and listening skills through song. Use of Charanga scheme of work.

  • Year 4 – Weekly whole class ukulele lessons delivered by Mr James, peripatetic music teacher from Durham Music Service.

  • Year 5 – Weekly whole class brass ensemble lessons delivered by Mr James, peripatetic music teacher from Durham Music Service.

  • Year 6 – Opportunities to apply their musicianship skills to a variety of different musical experiences, including samba drumming.

Other experiences of music throughout the year usually include:  whole school performances at Christmas and end of year; annual singing picnic with Annfield Plain Infant School; school choir; musician visitors and workshops, such as the bands from the annual Durham Brass Festival.

We value opportunities to give pupils additional experiences. In previous years the Royal Festival Hall “Pulling Out The Stops – Renovating the Organ Project”, included visits to the Royal Festival Hall with a partner school in London and visits to Harrison & Harrison organ factory in Durham. Year 4 ukalele players have taken part in a whole county ukalele performance at the Sage.  In 2019-20, we were chosen to represent Durham Brass Festival in a year of brass, working with a professional brass band, “Backchat”.

Opportunities to learn an instrument in small group tuition are also available on request and are provided through the Durham Music Service. This is a paid service.


Music Pupil Statements


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