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Aims, Ethos and Vision

Our School’s Vision

Our school community believes that everyone has the right to achieve their full potential: socially, emotionally and academically. Therefore, we will work in partnership with our community to provide a safe, stimulating and challenging learning environment. The provision of quality learning and teaching is at the heart of our vision.

In order to achieve our vision

  • The School Community – pupils, staff, parents and governors – have rights and responsibilities within both their school and local community.

  • All involved within our school have the right to achieve the best that they can socially, emotionally and academically.

  • We are an ambitious school where all our pupils are encouraged to become resilient, confident and independent learners.

  • We teach a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes logical and creative thinking, preparing pupils for the demands and opportunities of the 21st century.

  • We promote a set of moral values: honesty, integrity, self-discipline and good judgement.

  • We promote tolerance and respect for others.

  • We promote equality, diversity and inclusion; seeking to find creative solutions to meet the needs of all within our school community.

  • We work in partnership with others, to develop a shared understanding and strategies to achieve the vision of our school.

  • Our learning environment will be safe through rigorous safeguarding procedures, stimulating through use of new technologies and challenging through extending the learning environment.

Our latest Ofsted in January 2020 states, ” Pupils enjoy coming to Annfield Plain Junior School.  It is a happy school with a strong sense of community. Pupils are polite and well mannered…The curriculum is varied and fun. It is planned to meet the needs and interests of the pupils within this community…As a result of wider opportunities, pupils have high aspirations…Children are well behaved and can resolve conflict independently…Lessons are interesting and engaging and pupils are enthusiastic about learning…Pupils’ excellent personal development is a significant feature of this school…Personal development is outstanding because the school goes over and above to provide rich experiences for every pupil…The welfare of pupils has a high priority.”

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