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History & Geography

Geography Long Term Plan

History Long Term Plan

Enabling and Adapting the Geography Curriculum

Enabling and Adapting the History Curriculum

At Annfield Plain Junior School, we aim to prepare pupils for their next stage of education and life. We aim to develop the skills and knowledge needed to be a historian and geographer, whilst making learning in History and Geography engaging and enjoyable.

Emphasis, within the delivery of History and Geography, is placed upon learning through an enquiry process, through real and relevant experiences using a range of sources and activities. Different historical periods and a range of geographical areas are studied, to ensure pupils understand chronology and study a range of cultures and communities. Skills lesson ensure children have good map reading skills and historical sources are used to develop a range of historical skills. Post assessments are used to track progress. Pupils are encouraged to remember key important knowledge through our daily dashboard and subject dashboards.

Visits and visitors are used to bring a real-life element to history, such as visits to Hadrian’s Wall, Segedunum, Arbaiea Roman Fort and Durham Cathedral. Local museums, such as Beamish Museum, the Discovery Museum and the Great North Museum, are also used a resource to explore different historical periods. Visits to the Botanical Gardens and Durham, along with using the local park and surrounding areas, allow all children to develop their geographical skills outside of the classroom. History and Geography work is included in school publications and projects, such as developing an educational trail around the village and “Our Community: Our Future, Our Responsibility” publications. In 2019-21 pupils were involved in a two-year project: “Who Am I?” which involved fieldwork, in the local area, to discover their place in their community and their world community developing both geography and history fieldwork skills, alongside environmental work.

Resources used are varied including textbooks, maps, atlases, globes, on-line sites, primary sources.

History Pupil Statements
Geography Pupil Statements

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